Artist Statement

 I take photographs because it’s the best thing for me, I’m afraid not to do art. I’d go mad… more often. The photos I take are about what I want or what I want to be, the photograph that comes from my ideas is proof that my idealization exists, the photos are self-actualized ideas.  Art is the best way for me to get things from the inside out and keep things from the outside in. Reality is really just the collision of the internal and the external. Art and photography are my means of decoding the train wreck that is existence.

I am a hopeless preservationist. Since childhood I’ve watched as the city changed around me: buildings toppled and replaced then toppled again, in adulthood I’ve seen my children transform continuously. I’ve worn through shoes and bed sheets. The skin on my hands has wilted right before my eyes, but without the stop-motion of photography I can’t see it or truly appreciate it happening. To me the passage of time is barely perceivable without my camera. Photography is the only way I know of to preserve the ever fleeting and crumbling world and to document simple existence.  The reality is that everything turns to worms, it’s the best I can do to try and preserve the illusion that it won’t. 

Exhibitions And Galleries  



Student Art Show MCC



16x16x16 - Traveling Exhibition

2nd Annual Alt Process/Low Tech Show - Hot Shops Art Center

Student Show - MCC




Star Deli Show - Star Deli

UNL/Metro Show - UNL, Richards Hall

Curious Camera- Arts Eye Gallery

Silver and Sensors - Hot Shops Art Center

Student Show - MCC

"Only When" Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln NE



Student Show

Common Wealth Gallery

16x16x16 - Traveling Exhibition



Solo Show - Color Court Building, Lincoln NE

"Eidetic" Darger HQ, Omaha NE

"A Certain Light" Juror Lara Shipley - Hotshops, Omaha NE

Student Art Show MCC



Honors And Awards  


Scholarship for submitted work to the 2011 Metropolitan Community College students’ show. The photograph was featured as the cover art for the school’s 2011-2012 literary magazine.

Scholarship and Honorary Mention at the Metro Student Show 2012

First and second place scholarship awards at the Alternative Process Show 2012

National SPE scholarship award 2012

SPE Regional scholarship award 2013

Silver and Sensors 2nd, 3rd, and honorary mention awards 2013

Metro Student Show Award 2nd Place

"Only When" First Place and Honorary Mention

16x16x16 UNL Choice Award 2014

Scholarship and Honorary Mention at the Metro Student Show 2014